Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to find an editor for your book without breaking the bank

As a self-published author, one of your biggest tasks will be finding a good editor for your book. You are going to be trusting what you have written in the hands of someone that does not know you or your work. This can also be a rather expensive task. A vast majority of editors charge in one of three ways: by the word, by the line, or by the page. So how do you find a good editor without breaking the bank? The answer could be as close as your local college or university.

One thing I have learned from being an English major myself, is that it is good to have a portfolio of your work. You as an author can help provide the opportunity to gain some experience by posting your need for a proofreader or editor for your book.In most cases, a college student will be more than willing to take on this task in exchange for the opportunity to list you as a reference and include a sample of the work that they performed on your behalf in their portfolio. You can make the opportunity even more enticing by offering to pay a fee for their services.

Another inexpensive route you could use to find a good editor or proofreader for your work could be to find a retired English teacher, or even a high school English teacher who has enough time to devote to the task of book editing.

I say English majors and teachers because they learn various things about sentence structures, grammar and the like, which could really give your book the advantage it needs to compete in the industry.

If you do decide to go with a company to do the proofreading and editing for your book, be sure to ask to see samples of their work and check out their credibility with others. If they have a long list of unsatisfied customers, this may be a sign that you need to take your money, and your manuscript, elsewhere.

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